Forex has changed the way and style of investing; We are an investment institution that provides licensed services for safe, easy, and advantageous investment from the internet without time and places limits.

    Fx Indices

    Choose from 6 different FX indices

    An FX index measures the strength of a particular currency against a collection of 5 or 6 major FX pairs that include that currency. For example, the USD Index uses groups the NZDUSD, USDCAD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, AUDUSD and EURUSD pairs together to measure the strength of the US Dollar’s price.

    Metals & Commodities

    Trade the price of gold and silver.

    Find your next opportunity in one of the most traded markets in the world – precious metals. Available on all of our account types, when you trade gold and silver with us, you trade them against the price of the US Dollar.


    Find opportunities in the world's biggest commodities markets.

    Oil is one of the most popular markets to trade, so much so that many traders nickname it “black gold”. We also offer natural gas as a commodity. Trading CFD commodities like these gives you access to those markets without having to buy anything outright.


    Refers to one of the equivalent parts of a company's capital.  By purchasing stock in a company, you become one of the partners of that company. When investing in stocks, you should thoroughly research everything about the company's activities, indebtedness, growth expectations, profit status, and dividend (profit share) amount, briefly. You can profit from stock investment by choosing companies that are successful, operating for many years, and making profits.


    Stock indices are used to determine the general direction of the stock market by moving from the price movements in the stocks. The general changes in prices in each exchange are monitored through special indices. Stock market indices contain more than one stock and are a total value that emerges as a result of mathematical calculations in which the performance of stocks is measured.

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